The Big Horn Story
In 1873 the famous sharpshooter and hunter Bjørn Hornseter from Hornindal immigrated to America to seek the success as buffalo hunter. After three weeks hunt on the prairie “the gang” was on their way to a small town to sell buffalo skins and to have some fun. After a quick bath they went to the saloon for a beer and a good meal. This was his time as a buffalo hunter. When the plates with big rare steaks were on the table, served with corn on the cob and potatoes, it was like heaven.
Bjørn married the waitress bought the Saloon and renamed it Big Horn Saloon and Steak House. Bjørn and his wife ran the place with great success over the years. The time ran by in “the land of big steaks” when a young man in Oslo inherited an America Coffin. In the coffin he found
an old Krag Jørgensen rifle and pictures from a lost time “over there.

He also found a lot of food recipes and many hand written books about tenderizing, keeping and cooking beef. He was inspired of Bjørn and
started the first Big Horn Steak House in Oslo Norway .
It was a success.
He got two friends to set up their own restaurants.

The history after that is well known.